Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden

Thanks to the guild for carrying me to get Ahead of the Curve. Heroic Kil'jaeden seems harder than I thought it to be, got to agree with what other Protection Paladins are saying in the Forums that at current state, Protection Paladin is kind of the worst tank on Heroic and Mythic Kil'jaeden. Druid are still the top tank already for several expansions, leaves me to wonder what the heck is Blizzard doing on class balancing, it is so unbalanced now where tanks are concerned.

  • Tank to use physical mitigation on Felclaw
  • Tank swap on 5 stacks of Felclaws
  • Move close to, not inside Rupturing Singularity to prevent being knocked off platform
  • Take turns soaking Armageddon Hail with physical mitigation
  • Second Intermission Phase pick up Illidan’s Sightless Gaze
  • Tanks will take more damage when affected by Felclaws
  • A large amount of raid damage will happen after Armageddon is soaked
  • Choking Shadow in the second Intermission phase applies an increasing heal absorb to all players, which needs to be healed off
  • Prioritize killing Erupting Reflections
  • Second Intermission phase kill Shadowsouls to end Intermission
  • Stand close to impact point of Rupturing Singularity
  • At least one player needs to stand in each Armageddon Rain, else raid wide damage
  • Shadow Reflection target run to same side of room to gather spawned adds
  • Bursting Dreadflame target move 15 yards away from players
  • Soak Focused Dreadflame by standing between the boss and targeted player
  • Do not run near Lord Illidan Stormrage in second intermission, unless you are assigned to gain debuff
  • Darkness of a Thousand Souls target stand near a Tear Rift
  • Do not stand in eruption of Demonic Obelisks
  • 3 phases
  • 2 intermission phases
Phase 1:
  • Tank boss at center
  • During Rupturing Singularity entire raid needs to move close to impact point, and position to get knocked back towards corners of room
  • Shadow Reflection target move to same side of room
Intermission: Eternal Flame
  • Raid move close together to mitigate effect of Focused Dreadflame
Phase 2:
  • Raid to help soak Focused Dreadflame
Intermission: Deceiver's Veil
  • Because of limited vision, players need to navigate with help of allies until all Shadowsouls are killed
  • Tanks pick up Illidan’s Sightless Gaze to help raid navigate
Phase 3:
  • No more Rupturing Singularity
  • Raid to help soak Focused Dreadflame