Heroic Sisters of the Moon

  • Tank boss in middle
  • Phase 1, when targeted by Moon Glaive, make sure you are in range of at least two other players, after being hit by Moon Glaive, move to opposite shade of room
  • Phase 2, tank Moontalon with boss
  • Phase 3, keep Lunar Suffusion debuff low when tanking boss
  • Healing cooldown on Embrace of the Eclipse raid wide debuff
  • Moontalon casts Screech which will do ramping damage until it dies
  • Phase three Lunar Fire dot will do a lot of damage to tanks
  • Phase 2 focus on Moontalon, kill it fast
  • When Embrace of the Eclipse is applied to boss, it needs to be damaged down before its duration expires
  • Twilight Glaive target run to edge of room
  • Dodge Twilight Volley
  • Phase 2, stand between player targeted by Incorporeal Shot and boss to share damage
  • Moon Burn target move to opposite shade of room
  • Personal defensive for Rapid Shot
  • Dodge area targeted by Lunar Beacon
  • Phase 3, dodge Glaive Storm
  • Raid spread throughout room
  • Switching between sides of room is crucial to manage incoming mechanics
  • Standing on light side of room will stack Lunar Suffusion
  • Standing on dark side of room will stack Umbra Suffusion