Heroic Mistress Sassz'ine

  • Tank boss in center
  • Tank affected by Burden of Pain do not get hit by Mistress
  • Off tank Abyss Stalkers make sure to leave two Concealing Murk
  • Water Blast target take big damage
  • People hit by Thundering Shock can dispel it
  • Tank with Burden of Pain debuff gets hit will cause raid wide damage
  • Devouring Maw does frost damage until interrupted, healing cooldown rotation
  • Players with Befouling Ink clouds will be taking high ticking damage
  • Priority target Abyss Stalkers and Razorjaw Waverunners
  • Priority kill Abyss Stalkers, leaving Concealing Murk which breaks Slicing Tornado
  • Dodge Concealing Murk and Thundering Shock
  • Hydra Shot target run away from boss, two players stand between boss and target to share damage
  • Do not soak Hydra Shot if you have Hydra Acid debuff
  • Do not get hit by Slicing Tornado
  • If affected by Consuming Hunger, stand in a Thundering Shock to knock Razorjaw Waverunner off your back
  • Ossunet will drop Befouling Ink throughout room
  • Assign players to pick up Befouling Ink and move to Sarukel
  • When Sarukel casts Devouring Maw stand at least 15 yards away
  • Devouring Maw will be interrupted when he inhales 3 Befouling Ink clouds
  • Vellius Crashing Wave which can be avoided by running to edges of room that are clear, affected region is indicated by blue visual
  • Concealing Murk and Thundering Shock will limit movement area
  • Slicing Tornado spawn from any direction, position raid behind Concealing Murk
  • Phase 2 and 3, Vellius Crashing Wave, only safe zones will be on edges of room
  • Phase 2 and 3, stay away from Sarukel as Devouring Maw will do huge damage