Heroic Fallen Avatar

  • Tank swap at two stacks of Desolate
  • Tank with Desolate debuff tank Maiden of Valor, move her to green beam from Containment Pylon
  • Use larger cooldown for second stacks of Desolate
  • Phase 2, after Avatar casts Rupture Realities, quickly move it out of the lava
  • Tanks will be taking large amount of damage at two stacks of Desolate
  • Raid will take large AOE damage when Rupture Realities cast
  • Players affected by healing reduction will require more healing
  • When Maiden of Valor reaches 100 energy, destroy her shield to interrupt her cast
  • Always damage boss unless Maiden of Valor is at 100 energy
Phase 1
  • Purple pylon will send a beam directly to boss, use Maiden of Valor to soak to prevent Avatar from reaching 100 energy
  • Avatar will transition to Phase 2 when it reaches 100 energy, at this point it will absorb health proportion to how much health Maiden of Valor has left
  • Prevent Avatar from going to Phase 2 until Maiden of Valor is dead
  • Unbound Chaos target, run until debuff drops, dodge shit
  • Shadowy Blades target, run to edge of room
  • When Avatar cast Rupture Realities, run away from it
Phase 2
  • When Avatar casts Rupture Realities, run away from it, because it will destroy part of platform around it
  • Stack with players with Dark Mark
  • Do not stack a tank in Dark Mark
  • Phase 1, one tank will be holding Fallen Avatar, while other tank will be moving Maiden of Valor to block beam from green pylon
  • Tank must always be in melee range of Avatar, otherwise it will random melee someone
  • Raid needs to be spread across room during both phases
  • Phase 2, tank Avatar near edge of platform to minimize Rupture Realities