Heroic The Desolate Host

Another one of those "I've forgotten to press the record button thing..." I'll try to put a video up when I get to do this boss again next week...

2017-07-20 Update: Added guild run video for the sake of having a video... =X

  • 1 Tank in spirit realm, 1 tank in corporeal realm
  • Tank adds under boss in both realms at same position
  • Players in spirit realm will take huge damage during Wailing Souls
  • At 30%, Sundering Doom and Doomed Sundering will deal huge AOE damage
  • Raid leader to decide priority targets
All Roles
  • Players targeted by Soulbind run to same spot in room in both realms
  • At 30% when boss casts Sundering Doom, players in corporeal realm move within 15 yards of boss to split damage, players in spirit realm run away from boss
  • At 30% when boss casts Doomed Sundering, players in spirit realm move within 15 yards of boss to split damage, players in corporeal realm run away from boss
Corporeal Realm
  • Tormented Cries target, run to edge of room, move away after hit
  • Dodge Collapsing Fissure
  • Dodge Rupturing Slam
  • Don't stand next to players with Grasping Darkness
Spirit Realm
  • When Soul Queen Dejahna cast Wailing Souls, all players except for tank and a healer switch to corporeal realm, come back after Wailing Souls end
  • Shattering Scream target run to where corporeal realm adds are to remove adds Bonecage Armor
  • Dodge Soul Rot
  • Don't stand next to Soul Residue when it dies
  • Half raid in spirit realm, other half in corporeal realm