Heroic Harjatan

  • Tank boss where it is
  • Tank all murloc under boss
  • Tank swap at 5 stacks of Jagged Abrasion
  • Off tank tank Razorjaw Wavemenders and Gladiators near boss face away from raid
  • Face boss towards raid before he casts Unchecked Rage at 100 energy
  • Rotate healing cooldowns during Frigid Blows
  • Avoid standing in front of Razorjaw Gladiators
  • Prioritize Razorjaw Wavemenders and Gladiators
  • Interrupt Razorjaw Wavemenders Watery Splash
  • Do not stand in front of Razorjaw Gladiators
  • Aqueous Burst target drop Drenching Waters on edge of room
  • Stand in front of boss when he casts Unchecked Rage
  • Do not stand in Drenching Waters and puddles during Draw In
  • Dodge Drenching Slough during Frigid Blows
  • Driven Assault target run away from Razorjaw Gladiators
  • Raid spread around center of room