Heroic Goroth

  • Tank boss near center of room, second outer ring
  • Do not move boss, will destroy Infernal Spikes if near
  • Tank swap on Burning Armor
  • Tank with Burning Armor debuff run away 25 yards from raid and all spikes
  • After Shattering Star heal everyone up quickly
  • When targeted by Shattering Star move so that path of star goes through multiple Infernal Spikes
  • Do not destroy all Infernal Spikes, need at least one during Infernal Burning
  • Crashing Comet target move away from spikes and other players
  • Dodge Infernal Spikes
  • Dodge path of Shattering Star when targeting other players
  • Stack behind Infernal Spikes during Infernal Burning
  • Melee DPS stand between boss and middle of room
  • Ranged DPS single file towards boss