Heroic Demonic Inquisition

  • Tank Atrigan away from Belac and raid
  • No need to tank Belac
  • Tank swap on max Torment
  • During Bone Saw kite Atrigan away from raid and Belac
  • Delay dispelling of Echoing Anguish to allow players time to run away
  • Dispelling Echoing Anguish will deal 8 yards AOE damage
  • Do not attack Atrigan during Bone Saw, attack Belac
  • Do not attack Belac during Fel Squall, attack Atrigan
  • Spread out on Echoing Anguish
  • Interrupt rotation on Belac Pangs of Guilt
  • Avoid Unbearable Torment by using Confess
  • Confess teleports you inside Belac’s fel prison, pick up Remnants of Hope that reduce your Torment
  • Ranged DPS and healers should loosely spread throughout the room
  • Melee should move back and forth between each boss, based on current abilities