Time to move on again...

Was having lots of fun in Vorfreude, but real life issues between our Guild Master and Raid Leader affected the raid.

With much heavy heart, majority of us in Group 1 decided to move on, most of us are affected by the issues between our GM and RL, and somewhat got pulled into it. As such we moved on, decided to band together to raid once more, give each other time to decide how they want, moving forward.

Thus Band of Raiders is formed on August 13, 2014. As the name implies, shamelessly taken from the popular America TV drama series, Band of Brothers. Majority of us still wish to continue raiding, having fun wiping with each other in game and blaming each other only to laugh our ass off at our silliness at the end of the day. I love to raid with this hilarious bunch of nerds in Group 1, and I hope things can keep it that way. As much as real life triumphs over in game, Vorfreude GM and RL is still one of the best I’ve known personally.

I hope to continue building the raid up, clearing more contents in Warlords of Draenor. And helping each other achieve what they want in game to the best of my ability. I wish to be part of the awesome group that build a close knitted raiders, not only being nerd in game, but in real life as well. Enjoying each other presence in game, and in chat when out of game. I’m not sure how many in Group 1 agrees with what I’ve posted. But it may take a while to get things started.

Moving onwards, to Warlords of Draenor!