5.3 Hotfixes: August 26

5.3 Hotfixes: August 26

Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released World of Warcraft patch 5.3: Escalation. Hotfixes are updates we make on our end without requiring you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require your realm to be restarted to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. We will continue to update this list as additional hotfixes are applied.

Below is a listing of 5.3 hotfixes by date.

Also available, a listing of 5.3 hotfixes compiled together.

Patch Information

Hotfixes By Date

August 26


  • Death to the Broodmother: Desperiona should no longer get stuck while approaching the player, allowing the quest to be completed.
  • Last Rites: The quest event should now work properly, allowing players to complete the quest.

Source: Blizzard