Patch 5.4: Proving Grounds Preview

Patch 5.4: Proving Grounds Preview

There comes a time in any healer, tank, or damage dealer’s life when they decide to take their collaborative skills and abilities to the next level. When that time comes, the Proving Grounds will be waiting. Set within the  Temple of the White Tiger, this new feature will provide a repeatable solo Scenario where level 90 players can test their mettle or try out different roles in a safe, controlled environment.

Getting In

To get started, you’ll need to talk with an NPC in the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit or class trainer, who'll grant you entrance to the instance. Upon entering the Proving Grounds, your gear will be scaled down much like it is in Challenge Modes. Depending on the role you choose, you may not have to go it alone.  (Then again, you just might. Aren’t you brave?)

Choose Your Role

Within the Proving Grounds, much like in any dungeon, you’ll be able to choose the role of tank, DPS, or healer. Once you’ve decided, you’ll be faced with a series of challenges based on the kinds of combat mechanics that role would encounter in a dungeon.

 Tank: You will be tasked with protecting an NPC from oncoming waves of enemies, which will test your tanking skills in various ways. Fear not, though—a friendly NPC will assist by healing you and damaging the enemies.

 Damage: Sometimes you just have to go it alone. You'll melt the usual faces, while handling a variety of mechanics including interrupting heals, chasing down runners, timing cooldowns, avoiding harmful mechanics, and more.

 Healer: Four NPCs will join you to form a full party. It will take a special healing touch to keep your friends alive, as you work together to face the challenges of attacking enemies.

Choose Your own Adventure

Proving Grounds will be available in four different modes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless. Each mode allows you the opportunity to test your mettle and learn a bit more about your role by putting you in the thick of a grouping experience. You’ll have to beat each one (beginning with Bronze) to take on the next mode. Once you’ve beaten Gold, you’ll unlock Endless and be truly prepared to astound and amaze your friends with your prowess.

In Endless, you’ll push yourself to the limits and see just how long you can survive as each wave of foes becomes more and more difficult to withstand. The longer you survive Endless, the higher your score, and the system will track your progress so you can see just how well you’ve done.

Choose to Endure

You’ll be able to reenter the Proving Grounds as much as you want as you work to improve your skills earn Achievements, and claim some bragging rights when you survive longer than any of your friends. It’s just a quick chat with the NPC, and you're quickly back in action.

You won’t need to worry about death or taking durability damage. Food and flasks will last their full duration, but leave your potions at home – you won’t be able to use them here. You’ll also have access to various amenities within the Proving Ground such as Vendors, Soulwells, repairs, and Reforgers.

Now that you know what’s in store, sharpen those blades, enchant that new robe, and get ready to go boldly into the Proving Grounds.

Source: Blizzard