World of Warcraft Server Auction Has Begun

The time has come for you to own a piece of Blizzard Entertainment history, as the first batch of retired HP server blades are now available for auction. Net proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

For more details and to view the auction schedule of available realm blades, please visit our information page or go directly to the listings for North America or Europe to place your bid.


Agamaggan Eldre'Thalas Moon Guard Sisters of Elune
Anub'arak Firetree Nazgrel Smolderthorn
Azgalor Frostmourne Nesingwary Spinebreaker
Azuremyst Garona Nordrassil Stonemaul
Bloodscalp Garrosh Perenolde Stormrage
Burning Blade Ghostlands Proudmoore Tanaris
Cenarion Circle Gul'dan Quel'Thalas Terenas
Cenarius Gundrak Ragnaros The Underbog
Chromaggus Hellscream Rexxar Tortheldrin
Daggerspine Kalecgos Runetotem Undermine
Demon Soul Kirin Tor Sargeras Vashj
Destromath Laughing Skull Scilla Velen
Drak'Tharon Madoran Sen'jin
Dreadmaul Magtheridon Sentinels
Earthen Ring Medivh Shadowmoon
Echo Isles Mok'Nathal Shandris