Patch 4.2 Hotfixes (July 8)

Patch 4.2 Hotfixes

Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands. Hotfixes are updates we make on our end without requiring you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented, while others may require your realm to be restarted to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. We will continue to update this thread in the days ahead as additional hotfixes are applied.

Patch Information

July 8

  • Classes
    • Combat pets should no longer aggro creatures while the player is mounted.
  • Dungeons & Raids
    • Firelands
      • Baleroc
        • Death knight Bloodworms are no longer removing stacks of Torment when they explode to heal other players.
      • Ragnaros
        • Molten Elementals are no longer able to critically hit players.
        • The responsiveness of the Molten Power ability has been increased on Heroic difficulty.
      • Rhyolith
        • Multiple volcanoes casting Eruption will now create separate stacks. Crushing a volcano will cause its stacks of Eruption to fade shortly after.
        • Ranged pets can no longer damage Rhyolith’s legs without beginning the encounter.
      • The Ancient Lava Dweller can no longer be looted by engineers with the Loot-A-Rang.
      • Unbound Pyrelords are no longer casting Ignite Elemental on the same target. All Unbound Smoldering Elementals should now be changed to Unbound Blazing Elementals by the time the pyrelord dies.
      • The Unbreakable Shell buff present on Unbound Smoldering Elementals now reduces damage received by 50%, down from 90%.
      • Unbound Smoldering Elementals are now correctly resetting and are no longer retaining Blazing Flame when they leave combat.
  • Items
    • Riplimb’s Lost Collar seemed to truly be lost. This item now properly has a chance to drop from select creatures.
    • Several Ruthless Gladiator’s items have had their Stamina values increased to more appropriate levels.